Case Study: Success!

Posted: March 25, 2015

Read this case study to learn more about a recent success at Blended Waxes.


For this project we were working with a full service investment casting company. This company is known as one of the best metal casting companies in the industry.


This company uses wax to create, or “cast”, various parts for use both domestically and internationally. Industries that use these parts include aviation, military, agriculture, medical and more.


This company is a current customer of Blended Waxes and they were currently blending their own wax products on-site in small batches. Blending products on-site can be an expensive and even a time consuming process.


This customer came to us with a proposal to have their current wax formulations blended and packaged at Blended Waxes instead of in their on-site location. The customer provided their formulation and raw materials to us for a trial production of one of their many waxes.


The raw materials required for this product have been sourced by Blended Waxes and will be purchased in large quantities to ensure low cost and continuous production. All in all, this has been a successful project from start to finish. The customer is saving on raw material costs and can now utilize their employee resources in other areas of the company.

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