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Private Label Manufacturing

We Specialize in Custom Wax Production

Private label wax manufacturing at Blended Waxes lets you have a custom wax product made by us with your company name and branding. We will work with you to create a custom product according to your specifications, produce the quantities in our lab and deliver the private label products to your facility.

Private labeling with us is advantageous for your company because you will have control over every aspect of the process. You will decide precisely what goes into your wax blend as well as how you will price it and brand it. It also allows you to use our wax blending expertise and avoid investing your business capital in equipment.

We Handle Private Label Wax Production

Benefits of Private Labeling

There are many advantages to using private labeling in your business, including process management and quality of final goods.

Increased Control

Under a private label manufacturing arrangement, your business maintains control from product development to delivery. Provide Blended Waxes with your in-hand specifications or work with us for a custom solution. Our highly experienced team will guide you through creating unique products and a strategy for packaging and placement.

Experienced private label manufacturers — like Blended Waxes — assure you also retain complete control over project timelines and budgets. This approach allows you to determine the product specifications and costs to identify the best manufacturer. In addition, you ensure your final goods meet the required consumer price points while still achieving higher profit margins.

High Levels of Quality and Consistency

When correctly done, private label products generate significant brand loyalty. That’s because the goods enjoy less competition and sell at attractive price points. To attract and retain customers’ trust, your products must meet their expectations for quality and value. Private label manufacturers like Blended Waxes follow strong guidelines for achieving and maintaining quality, so your products measure up in your customers’ minds.

Another way of ensuring consistent goods that achieve quality goals is through robust testing. Assessing chemical and physical composition at various stages of the production cycle means your customer gets better end goods. The in-house laboratory at Blended Waxes uses the latest tools and technology for testing. Rigorous standards, proven methods and a controlled environment ensure you get accurate, dependable results.

Why Choose Blended Waxes for Private Label Wax Manufacturing?

Blended Waxes has been a leader in private label manufacturing for over four decades. We’re a full-service company providing start-to-finish wax solutions for businesses, including:

  • Custom wax blending: Developing unique wax blends is our specialty. Our professionals work with you each step of the way to create one ideal for your business. We’ll adjust it until it satisfies your needs while meeting project schedules and budget requirements.
  • Bulk storage and fulfillment: Blended Waxes offers terminal storage for finished products and logistics support. Benefit from our convenient Midwest location to deliver customer goods quickly and recapture space in your facility.
  • Accurate lab testing: Precise applications require precision testing. The lab at Blended Waxes employs technicians with the expertise in ASTM quality standards to exceed them.
  • Toll manufacturing: Direct your raw materials to our facility and enjoy the stability of fixed manufacturing pricing. Our experts will handle the rest, from fabrication to quality control and packaging.

Blended Waxes proudly boasts credentials like:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification: The ISO 9001:2015 guidelines provide a framework for businesses to achieve rigid, globally accepted standards for quality control and continuous business improvement.
  • ASTM International standard achievement: Our quality control and lab testing methods operate on worldwide accuracy and product safety standards, ensuring consistently high-quality goods.

Blended Waxes is your solution for the ideal partner to manufacture your private label industrial wax. Contact a knowledgeable team member online, or call us at 1-800-294-4692 for immediate service.

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