Case Study: Custom Solutions

Posted: December 30, 2014


A worldwide chemical company who leads the industry in specialty products contacted Blended Waxes.


This company uses a printed ink wax product to coat circuit boards. This printed ink wax requires a high temperature tolerance.


This is a current customer of Blended Waxes that came to us with a project to expand production for a current product they were making in their on-site laboratory. The demand for the product had grown quite large and their lab was not able to keep up with the increased production.


The team at Blended Waxes researched multiple companies in order to acquire a new tank (see the picture below) as well as a highly specialized filtration system for this product. A new tank was purchased and installed in the lower wax plant at Blended Waxes, Inc.

Small Tank


Raw materials required for this product have been sourced by the customer and purchased by Blended Waxes. Trials will begin for this new product starting in early 2015. Blended Waxes, Inc. as well as the customer, who will be on-site for the trials, are looking forward to another successful project.


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