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Bulk Storage & Order Fulfillment

Blended Waxes: Material Storage & Bulk Terminal Facility

Is your facility lacking storage space? Let us help. Whether it’s raw materials or finished goods, in a liquid or packaged form, Blended Waxes will store your items at on- and off-site locations.  When you need more of your product, we will ship it to your facility or directly to your customer.  Our central Midwest location is ideal for servicing a variety of markets across the country.

Utilizing our bulk storage service will allow you to take advantage of our Midwest location to help you reduce transportation costs and allow shorter lead times to your customers. While in our bulk storage facility, products will be handled and stored to preserve the highest quality.

Storage Tanks

Proper wax material storage begins with the correct storage container. At our bulk liquid wax terminal storage facility, you’ll find state-of-the-art equipment with essential features for extending product lifespan.

Varied Transportation Method Support

At Blended Waxes, each team member dedicates themselves to a stellar customer service experience. Part of that is making processes more accessible and convenient for our clients. We support your preferred methods of product delivery, including:

  • Tanker trucks.
  • ISO-standardized containers.
  • Rail cars.


Benefits of Bulk Storage

Many benefits of bulk storage exist, such as:

  • Increased storage capacity: Take advantage of our storage services to free up space in your existing facility. The affordable bulk storage solutions from Blended Waxes let you devote floor space to revenue-generating business activities instead.
  • Lower operating costs: Invest business capital more strategically. There’s no need to purchase costly storage equipment with temperature-monitoring technology with our storage services. You’ll also save money on labor hours since our employees devote their time to proper maintenance and product care.
  • Safer product storage: Provide the highest degree of security for your goods in our controlled storage environments designed to prolong product life.
  • Custom sizing: Choose the correct storage options based on your product needs — we accommodate various sizes for an individualized approach.
  • Supply chain improvement: Use bulk storage as part of your delivery strategy, choosing a location that allows your goods to reach your customers quickly.
  • Value-added services: Reduce total costs even more by combining our bulk storage capabilities with other functions we offer. Partner with us to develop a custom-blended wax product ideal for your business applications. Consider our wax bulk fulfillment services to supplement your existing logistics plans.

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