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Wax Solutions for Specialized Industries:

Wax Bottles

Bottle Sealing

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We offer a variety of bottle sealing waxes designed for easy melting and molding while providing a decorative look. Our waxes are ideal for sealing everything from wine bottles to floral bulbs.


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You can choose from our extensive variety of options for your candle-making needs, including natural and paraffin waxes. No matter what type of candles you manufacture, we can help you create a blend that checks all your boxes.
Cheese Wax

Food Coating

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If you use wax to coat food products, you can choose from our cheese wax options. These products help food items retain moisture, extend shelf life and fend off contamination while maintaining a glossy finish.
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Paper, Packaging, and Corrugated

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We offer many standard wax formulations for the paper and corrugated industry, including specially constructed waxes designed for laminating, coating and packaging. You can use these solutions for food containers, paper cups, flexible packaging and more.


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Our hot melt adhesives and wax additives include microcrystalline and paraffin waxes useful for applications like packaging, fabric lamination, converting and bookbinding.

Building Materials

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You can preserve wood, reduce dust and prevent corrosion with our wax blends for the building industry. Our petroleum-based blends are commonly used for drywall, gypsum board, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturing and more.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

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Wax blends are widely used across the cosmetic and personal care industries to add shine, stability and texture to products like foundation, shampoo, fragrances and sunscreen.


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Our paraffin waxes ideal for medical and therapeutic industries.
Micro Wax

Misc. Applications

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Blended Waxes creates custom wax blends for customers across a diverse industry base, including aerospace, automotive, marine, art and tool manufacturing.

Our Wax Products

As your go-to wax manufacturer, we carry an extensive assortment of industrial waxes that you can choose from based on your individualized needs:

  • Animal waxes:¬†These waxes are made from the natural secretions of animals and insects.
  • Plant waxes:¬†These natural waxes are derived from plant products, such as leaves and oils.
  • Petroleum waxes:¬†Our petroleum waxes come from crude oil sources.
  • Mineral waxes:¬†Mineral wax is a lesser-known variety extracted from minerals like coal.
  • Synthetic waxes:¬†This hydrocarbon wax comes from fossil fuels.

Custom Wax Blending

We will work with you to create a unique wax blend that meets all of your specifications, just for your company. After discussing your desired properties and applications, our team of wax-making experts will work in our lab to create your blend. If the formula isn’t to your liking, we will keep making changes until it¬†meets your specifications ‚ÄĒ while keeping the project within your time frame and budget.

  • Create New Blends
  • Lower Costs
  • Manage Existing Blends
  • Increase Quality
Need a custom blend?

You will work closely with our experienced technicians to create exactly what you need.

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Why Choose Blended Waxes for Your Industrial Wax Needs?

Blended Waxes is a custom wax blend manufacturing company that has been operating since 1976. We started by making cheese wax and hot melt adhesives here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. We have since expanded our offerings to include wax emulsions, synthetic lubricants and other custom wax blends ‚ÄĒ all from our in-house lab. We are a full-service and contract manufacturer for wax and wax products, so Blended Waxes can supply all of your wax needs.

Our focus is on consistently creating high-quality wax products using independently verified processes. We’re dedicated to delivering expert technical assistance, quality control, research and development, and testing, all from within our on-site laboratory. Our blend and storage tank capabilities range from 100 pounds to 165,000 pounds, enabling us to create blends of all sizes.

Blended Waxes is ISO 9001:2015 Certified with TUV Rheinland of North America

Quality Control Goes Beyond ASTM Standards

Scientifically Proven Wax Testing Methods

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If you need a custom wax blend for your business or want to purchase wholesale wax products, Blended Waxes has a solution for you. Get started today by contacting us about our industrial wax.