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Candle Waxes for Your Application

Purchase Candle Wax in Bulk

Blended Waxes Inc. uses our wax knowledge and our candle industry expertise to formulate and produce high quality candle waxes.  Off the shelf, we offer several petroleum-based formulas and all-natural formulas to be used in various applications.  They can be used for scented candles or unscented. If our standard offerings are not what you are looking for, our lab team will work with you to develop the product that meets your expectations, whether it’s a soy-based container blend, a paraffin votive blend, or anything in between. 

Browse our product offerings in the table below or work with us to develop something special utilizing our access to many different raw materials options. We offer wax additives for custom blending and packaged waxes for candle making supplies. Paraffin, microcrystalline, various natural and soy waxes are all available off the shelf for your specific candle needs. Our team will work with you to find or create a wax blend that will meet or exceed your expectations for your end product.  

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    Custom Candle Wax

    You will work closely with our experienced technicians to create exactly what you need.

    The Benefits of Different Candle Waxes for Your Applications

    No matter your specific needs, you’ll find that either candle wax, natural wax, microcrystalline wax or paraffin wax will benefit your candle application in various ways.

    Candle Wax

    Both our paraffin-based and all-natural candle waxes are formulated for a high fragrance load. These candle waxes come in a container, pillar, votive and melt blend to easily work with whatever design you have in mind. Regardless of the type or the blend, our candle waxes deliver a smooth, creamy look once finished.

    Natural Wax

    Our natural or “green” wax is made from natural sources ranging from insects to animals. Depending on the type and how it’s produced, the color can range from white to off white as well as light yellow to amber. While natural waxes don’t hold as much scent as other waxes, they deliver a very soft, pliable and consistent finished product.

    Microcrystalline Wax

    Microcrystalline wax comes in both a soft, flexible texture as well as a very hard texture. The soft texture works well in pillar candles, where you want the layers to stick to the walls in an aesthetically pleasing way. The hard texture works well for tapers and overdrip pillars that don’t have the additional support from a container to keep the finished candle upright. This wax also comes in shades ranging from dark brown to white.

    Paraffin Wax

    Paraffin wax is one of the most common and inexpensive waxes used for candlemaking. Depending on the type of paraffin wax, it can be either soft or solid. It holds fragrance well and is extremely versatile. Whether you use it for votives or tealights, this wax offers a wide range of possibilities.

    Different Applications of Candle Wax

    When manufacturing candles, there are a few factors that your business needs to take into consideration before choosing a wax: the type of candle, the type of wick, the finished color and texture, the burn quality and the container you plan on pouring it into.

    Determining these factors helps you narrow down your options and choose the best wax for your application. Whether you are manufacturing seasonal scents or simple taper candles, choosing the right wax will help you create a sturdy shape and allow for the appropriate amount of fragrance.

    Work With Blended Waxes to Find the Right Wax for Your Candle Application

    At Blended Waxes, our team can help you choose from our existing wax products or design and formulate a custom wax blend based on your specific type of candle and fragrance preferences.

    We also offer private labeling to make the entire process of creating a branded candle simple and stress-free. No matter your specific requirements, our team will be by your side throughout the entire process, offering guidance and ensuring the production stays on time and within budget.

    If you are ready to get started, contact us online today.