Case Study: Custom Blending

Posted: September 10, 2014


A company with a worldwide reputation for making the highest quality products approached Blended Waxes with an opportunity for a custom wax blend.


This company uses hot melt adhesive in roll coaters. This provides a removable bond to just about any surface.


The company was currently using a product that worked quite well. However, it was discontinued and the company needed to find a solution before their inventory ran low. They began seeking a company that either had a similar product, or could replicate it.


A sample of the customer’s current product was sent to Blended Waxes. The lab at Blended Waxes tested and analyzed the sample in order to replicate it. However, the lab was not only able to replicate the product, they were also able to customize the wax blend to better cater to the company’s needs. The company would get more than a product they knew worked on their machines; they would receive an improved version that was tailored specifically to them.


A sample of the new custom blend was tested and approved by the customer. Those at the company knew that a lot of time and knowledge is needed to create custom wax blends and were impressed that Blended Waxes “made this project look easy.” The company’s team now has a unique, well-functioning product for the roll coaters and no longer need to worry about running out of product.


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