Case Study: Custom Solutions for Toll Manufacturing of Wax

Posted: November 6, 2014


A large, international commercial printer approached Blended Waxes with their issue.


This printer needed small quantities of a highly specific wax blend formed into small bricks. This printer was also experiencing a period of high demand, so they needed larger quantities of this blend, but still at a low cost.


To fulfill the printer’s request in the past would require a great deal of oversight during the blending, curing and packaging process. This meant slow turnaround during a period of growing demand by the printer.


Blended Waxes worked with a machine vendor to develop a prototype mini-slabbing mechanism. This equipment that was created has the ability to quadruple production of the wax blend bricks while still lowering the cost per pound to the printer.


Blended Waxes was able to collaborate with the customer and the vendor to come up with a solution. They were able to improve the mechanical application and meet the customer’s growing demand while lowering costs.

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