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Paper, Packaging & Corrugated

Paper, Packaging and Corrugated Wax

Blended Waxes, Inc. proudly carries specialized wax blends for the corrugated, paper and packaging industry. We offer a comprehensive selection, from formulations for food-grade wrappers to waxes for construction industry outdoor boxes.

Our waxes are ideal for creating a moisture and scuff barrier for packaging in food service and production. We have several specialized waxes for this industry, from deli and wax paper to burger and sandwich wraps. Our options include straight paraffin and microcrystalline waxes, plus many blends for specific applications. Blended Waxes also has the expertise to create customized solutions for your business’s unique needs.

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    Custom Paper, Packaging & Corrugated Wax

    You will work closely with our experienced technicians to create exactly what you need.

    Benefits of Paper and Packaging Wax

    Coating various paper products in wax ensures they stay moisture-resistant and durable — even when coming into contact with water or grease. A thin layer of wax helps provide confidence when you need to protect freshness or ship fragile items.

    Wax also offers other advantages for paper applications. It is a practical way to create a barrier on all kinds of paper used in the packaging and corrugated industries.

    Our Paper and Packaging Waxes for Food Products

    Blended Waxes’ food-grade formulations are safe for use on food wrappers, cardboard boxes and more. Adding wax to your food products’ packaging preserves freshness and offers other advantages.

    Provide Moisture Control

    Food products need precisely the right amount of moisture to retain their safety, taste and texture. Wax-coated packaging is an effective moisture barrier that helps ensure fresher, tastier foods. Our food-grade blends promote internal moisture retention while deterring excess sogginess.

    Resist Grease

    If your business packages food products with high fat or oil content, you need solutions capable of resisting excess grease. Enhancing your wrappers or containers with wax helps. Coated packaging ensures your goods look attractive and your custom-designed packaging stays intact.

    Guard Against Vapors

    Like moisture, gases and vapors that permeate your packaging can adversely affect your products’ integrity. They can cause over-ripening, faster decay, bad odors and poor taste. Wax creates an effective barrier against these contaminants to help you deliver fresh, safe and tasty food products.

    End Stickiness

    Opening a wrapper to find the food sticking to the packaging can be a frustrating experience for a hungry customer. Wax paper wrappers help prevent food from clinging, promoting a more enjoyable eating experience.

    Additional Wax Blends Available

    Our wax for paper packaging and corrugated blends contain a mixture of paraffin waxes, polymers and special additives. Regardless of your product, this wax delivers benefits like moisture and scuff resistance while maintaining flexibility.

    We also carry specially created waxes, including:

    • Box coating waxes with strong moisture and grease resistance.
    • Laminating waxes featuring a high melting point for laminating applications.
    • Polybend coating waxes with a thicker texture for grease and heat resistance.
    • Fully refined cascading wax and dry waxes with two different melting points.

    These waxes add protection and keep your products fresh during storage and transport.

    Different Applications of Wax in the Packaging Industry

    Depending on the packaging you are working with, you can apply wax in three different ways:

    1. Laminating — applying the wax between the packaging material.
    2. Coating — placing the wax on the surface of the material.
    3. Impregnating — putting the wax into the packaging material.

    Since you can use any of these methods, packaging waxes are ideal for many applications. Common products for wax application include:

    • Flexible packaging
    • Corrugated containers
    • Paper cups
    • Folding cartons

    Find the Right Wax for Your Packaging Applications at Blended Waxes

    The Blended Waxes team has the experience, resources and equipment to create solutions for all your paper application needs. We’ve been a trusted business partner since 1976 and have developed scientifically proven testing and quality control methods to ensure the highest quality finished products.

    Our team can help you select one of our existing waxes or work with you to design a custom blend for your specific packaging application. We’re committed to your complete satisfaction, so all custom orders include a sample for approval before production.

    No matter the wax type or volume, we can meet your wax needs and develop custom products on time and within budget. If you’re ready to get started, fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you shortly.