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Why Buy Candle Wax in Bulk?

Why Buy Candle Wax in Bulk?

Why Buy Candle Wax in Bulk?

Whether you own a small shop or operate industrial candle production business, you have a product demand and supply to meet and want to stay on top of it. Purchasing bulk candle wax can help you meet more than your supply demands. You can stay ahead of your industry, improve your marketing strategy and provide your customers with a range of high-quality wax candle products.

Weighing the differences between buying wax from wholesalers and retail stores can help you make an informed decision about your candle wax purchases.

Buying Wax — Wholesale vs. Retail

Various industries like cosmetic, packaging and rubber processing companies use wax in their product manufacturing. Candle manufacturing is one of the largest wax-purchasing industries, with over 1 billion pounds of wax used each year in the United States.

Whether you own a large or midsize candle manufacturing company, you know how essential it is to purchase wax in large quantities and at affordable prices. While buying wax from retail stores may be convenient, purchasing bulk candle wax offers numerous additional advantages. Before purchasing wax for your candle business, consider the differences between buying wax from wholesalers and retailers:

  • Materials: Wholesalers may offer a wider variety of wax types like natural waxes and materials like lids, jars, wicks and fragrance oils. You may have limited wax material options at a retail store or have to deal with low stock. You can purchase bulk wax and wax products from wholesalers, ensuring you have various products available.
  • Quantity: Wholesale wax manufacturers offer larger wax quantities and can be more convenient than buying smaller batches of wax types and materials from a retail store. Wholesale wax companies may also have more extensive facilities to help you store your bulk purchases.
  • Price: Buying bulk wax and wax materials like lids, oils and wicks from wholesalers can be more affordable than buying wax from retail stores that mark up wholesaler prices to make a profit.

Benefits of Wholesale Wax Purchases

You want peace of mind that you can offer your clients various candles and candle products on time and meet supply demands. You can also ensure you’re producing quality wax candles while saving on materials in the production process. Here are some benefits of wholesale wax purchases:

Affordable Prices

If you manufacture wax candles and wax candle products for large-scale supply, buying wholesale wax can help you save on your candle manufacturing costs. Wax wholesalers offer candle wax types at wholesale prices as compared to marked-up retail prices, helping you save on overheads and making your production process more cost-effective.

High Quality

Purchasing wholesale wax can ensure the authenticity of wax types. Wax types from verified manufacturers undergo several quality control tests, so you know you are buying an authentic wax type straight from the source. Purchasing high-quality wax types can help you market and sell your candles at higher prices.

Easy to Trace

Why Buy Candle Wax in Bulk?

You can provide batch information on different wax types and blends on your candle products to ensure product credibility and consumer satisfaction. If you purchase bulk directly from wax manufacturers, you can request multiple information on wax types and the manufacturer, like their quality control certificates and certifications.

Distributors working with wax manufacturers can also help you get batch information as they deal directly with manufacturers. You can prove that a verified wax manufacturer makes your candle wax types with quality ingredients.

Product Availability

Producing candle products on a large scale requires meeting supply demands. It can be challenging to source wax materials from retail stores, especially if they are low or out of stock on specific candle wax materials. Wholesalers have various wax materials available and can meet your production needs so that wax supply issues won’t affect your candle production and supply.

Our Bulk Candle Wax Process

Blended Waxes works with you to understand your specific requirements like your preferred wax type, volume, packaging and storage requirements. Based on your preferences, we can formulate or recommend pillar, container, melt or votive wax blends. You can purchase wax types in full bulk pallets directly from Blended Waxes or work with one of our distributors for smaller pallet quantities.

Here are some bulk wax and wax blends that you can purchase from Blended Waxes:

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is one of the most popular and affordable wax types for candle making and other applications like waterproofing, coatings and cosmetic product production. You can purchase bulk paraffin wax for all your candle making requirements and services.

Natural Wax

If you want a paraffin wax alternative, buy high-quality natural wax types like soy wax for all your candle making purposes. Natural waxes like soy wax are environmentally friendly and are becoming extremely popular for candle making.

Wax Blends

Sometimes the ideal wax is a combination of more than one type. Blended Waxes can formulate and produce paraffin and natural-based wax blends for your candle manufacturing needs.

If you want an all-natural wax blend, choose between all-natural specialty blends that consist of various natural wax types like soy, coconut and beeswax and can come in a variety of formats including pastilles and liquid bulk.

Buy Bulk Candle Wax for All Your Candle Making Needs

Why Buy Candle Wax in Bulk?

Manufacture your candle products and meet your supply demand with high-quality bulk wax blends. Blended Waxes offers bulk and small-quantity wax production, toll manufacturing and storage services. All of our wax types undergo quality-control tests at our on-site laboratory, guaranteeing high-quality and authentic wax types.

We offer high-end toll manufacturing machinery and equipment to package and store your bulk wax orders and can also assist you with small-quantity orders. You can purchase wax types in half or less than half pallet quantities from one of our trusted distributors. Our experts can help you through every step of your wholesale purchasing process, from blending wax volumes to meeting your supply demands and storing your bulk pallet orders to maintain and extend the life span of your wax type.

Contact us for bulk candle wax orders today!