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Food Coatings

Food Coating Wax

Blended Waxes offers many different wax coatings for food products. Our food-grade wax is formulated to work on produce and various cheese products and grades. We produce wax in different formulas and colors for these markets. We also offer Duck Wax for the defeathering industry. Our team will work with you to find or create a wax blend that will meet or exceed your expectations for your end product.

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    Custom Food Coatings

    You will work closely with our experienced technicians to create exactly what you need.

    Different Applications of Wax for Food Coatings

    Wax can be used for many different applications in the food industry.

    Whether you need to defeather fowl or add a protective layer to cheese, fruits or vegetables, we have food-grade waxes for all your food applications.

    Duck Wax

    Removing the feathers and pin feathers from geese and ducks can be a difficult process. Duck wax is specially designed to make the process faster and easier.

    Our food coating wax for duck defeathering is made up of a combination of fully refined paraffin and microcrystalline wax. It can be used for both wet and defeathering techniques. After¬†the wax is heated and the duck carcass is coated, the wax will begin to harden. Then, you’ll be able to easily pull out multiple feathers at once. The wax can also be reused if you need to repeat the process.

    Cheese Wax

    Semi-hard and hard cheeses benefit from a wax coating because these types of cheeses can easily begin to grow mold and spoil. With cheese wax, you can keep your cheeses looking and tasting as fresh as possible. We¬†typically use paraffin or carnauba wax for our cheese coatings. Once the wax is melted, it can easily be dipped or brushed onto the cheese. Then, once you’ve peeled it off, you can continue reusing it.

    Fruit and Vegetable Wax

    Keeping fruits and vegetables fresh for safety and taste can be challenging. This fact is especially true for nonlocal produce or climacteric fruits and vegetables ‚ÄĒ those that continue ripening after picking.

    Blended Waxes offers food-grade waxes to help protect harvested produce during storage, transport and sale. We provide high-quality solutions for storage and packout applications, plus high-sheen options for improving the produce’s visual appeal. Our waxes and wax blends are also compatible with several application methods, such as brushing, dipping and rubbing.

    The Benefits of Food Coating Waxes

    We’ve developed our food-grade waxes to meet preservation demands in multiple ways.

    Retained Moisture

    Applying a thin coat of wax to cheese and produce helps the goods retain their natural moisture. This retention helps prevent shriveling, browning and wilting in fruits and vegetables while protecting the foods’ texture and flavor. Water loss in cheese can lead to earlier mold growth and negatively impact its taste.

    Enhanced Appearance

    Our waxes and blends help improve the appearance of produce and cheese. Various sheens are available to achieve a desirable shine, and our cheese wax comes in many colors to match your needs. Additionally, waxes help safeguard produce against bruising for increased aesthetic appeal.

    Contaminant Protection

    While fruits and vegetables often have a natural wax coating, cleaning off dirt and debris often removes most of it. As a result, the produce is more susceptible to contaminants. Cheese is similarly vulnerable without a coating. Applying wax seals small breaks and restores protection. Our waxes and blends help safeguard your food against penetration by fungus, bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

    Extended Shelf Life

    Waxes help reduce food ripening speeds. They contribute to effective gas exchange while lowering oxygen penetration that triggers ripening enzymes. The result is produce and cheese that enjoys a longer shelf life.

    Eco-Friendly Impact

    Waxing cheeses, fruits and vegetables has a positive effect on the environment. Since wax preserves freshness and extends life spans, it decreases the amount of food waste. This reduction leads to fewer items in landfills producing methane as they decay.

    Flexible Use

    Wax can combine with other substances to act as a carrier. You can add fungicides, preservatives or additional growth inhibitors that contribute to longer storage periods. On cheeses, it helps affix and protect the labels your company uses for identification, marketing or compliance with regulations.

    Improved Efficiency

    Similarly, our wax for duck defeathering makes the process more efficient. Instead of plucking out individual feathers, the wax allows you to pull out feathers in clean, smooth strips. Depending on how much wax you use, you can also work on multiple ducks at a time.

    Find the Right Wax for Your Food Coating Application at Blended Waxes

    Whether you need a food coating wax to protect and extend the life of cheese and produce or make duck defeathering more efficient, turn to Blended Waxes. Our team can help you find the best blend for your specific applications. Along with our extensive selection of waxes, we can also create a custom blend to fit your requirements.

    Our team will work with you to identify your needs and then provide samples of the custom wax blend to ensure you are satisfied before we continue developing it. With our top-quality customer service, equipment and resources, you can be sure we’ll get your waxes produced on time and within budget.

    Contact us today to get started!