Case Study: Paper Coating Industry

Posted: October 8, 2014


A company in the paper coating industry. They approached Blended Waxes to help them with an issue they had.


This Company that contacted Blended Waxes uses different types of wax blends to coat food product safe paper and flexible packaging materials for a wide variety of food and candy items.


The paper coating customer was using small tanks to produce “mini-batches” of a wax blend. This resulted in the customer spending unnecessary time and money to purchase multiple raw materials from a variety of vendors in order to produce these blends. The customer was looking to save time, money and achieve consistent quality results for their wax blends.


Blended waxes was contacted by this customer to help them with the transition of blending small batches of their special wax blend to receiving a pre-blended product for storage in their tanks. To ease the transition, this customer was welcomed to an onsite visit at Blended Waxes so they could view firsthand the storage, heating and product movement capabilities. After the onsite visit, Blended Waxes had the opportunity to create a trial blend based on samples provided by the customer. The trial was a success!


After working together with Blended Waxes, the customer converted their existing raw material storage tanks for the completed blend. This transition to the pre-blended material lessened the customers need on raw material vendors, removed the ongoing hassle of having their employees produce smaller batch sizes and improved the overall quality control of the professionally made product.
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