Wax In Beauty And Personal Care Products

Wax In Beauty And Personal Care Products

Did you know the products you use to get yourself ready for the day probably contain some type of wax? Wax is in nearly all personal care and beauty products. Learn about the different waxes in your favorite products:

Lip Balm

Lip balm is something many people apply several times a day. Depending on the brand and type of lip balm, there could be a variety of waxes in the product. Beeswax lip balm is a popular option. Some people craft their own lip balms with beeswax. Vegan lip balms use plant-based waxes. The most popular plant-based wax for lip balms is carnauba wax. Lanolin and paraffin are also sometimes found in lip balm products for their softening properties. The waxes used in lip balms give the product a waxy feel and help protect, soften and soothe chapped lips.

Wax in lip balm

Hair Products

As you style your hair, you may use a pomade to keep stray hairs in place. Most pomades contain microcrystalline waxes, which have elastic and adhesive characteristics perfect for hair products.


Cosmetics contain a variety of waxes, including lanolin and beeswax. Microcrystalline wax is the most commonly used wax for cosmetics. In waterproof mascara it is used as a water repelling agent. It is added to pressed powder to bind the product together and add softness. It is also added to lipsticks to help the product keep its shape. Microcrystalline wax has a high amount of oils in it which helps prevent cream cosmetic products from sweating.


Ear Candling

Ear candling is a procedure that is growing in popularity. A candle isn’t actually used for the procedure. It uses a beeswax coated cone to clean out ear wax from one’s ear.


Waxes are an important ingredient in creams and lotions. Lanolin is commonly used in creams and lotions because of its softening properties. Microcrystalline wax is also used in lotions as a viscosity builder (makes the product thick) and emollient (provides softening properties).

Next time you use one of your favorite products, check out the labels. Chances are they contain some type of wax!

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