3 Tips For Using Cheese Wax

3 Tips For Using Cheese Wax

Cheese wax is used to protect the cheese while it ages. It is one of the best options to protect cheese while it ages because the wax is breathable, fast drying and holds shape easily. Learn three tips for using cheese wax:

Cheese wax

1. Supplies

Before you start dipping your cheese, make sure you have the proper supplies on hand. To start you’ll need a block of cheese wax. We sell our cheese wax in 10-pound slabs in a variety of colors from red to yellow. You’ll also need the cheese you are coating, a container and a thermometer.

2. Temperature

Melt the cheese wax in a container and monitor the temperature with a thermometer. It’s important to maintain a consistent temperature to evenly coat the cheese in wax. We recommend keeping the melted wax temperature for our waxes between 160° and 170℉ for best results.

3. Dipping

Hand dipping the cheese in the wax is the easiest way to coat it. Start by dipping one half of the cheese in the wax. Let the excess wax to drip off before setting it down on the unwaxed side to allow the wax to harden. The wax should harden within 15-20 seconds. Once the first half of wax is hardened, dip the unwaxed half of the cheese in the wax and repeat the process for the uncoated half.

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