Why And How Waxes Are Colored

Posted: March 23, 2016

Some wax types have color added to them for a special purpose. Cheese, bottle sealing and letter sealing wax types are the most common colored waxes.

How Wax Is Colored

Wax comes from various sources. During the refining process, crude oil is segregated into various components. The waxy layer gets further refined into consumer wax products. The refining process filters out oils and other impurities. The more refined a product is, the whiter the color. Wax types with higher oil content, like microcrystalline or slack wax, are darker in color. There are other factors that impact the color of wax, including exposure to heat and the wax’s oil source.

Colored Cheese Wax

Cheese Wax Coloring

Cheese wax is commonly found in red, black, green and blue. While any color of cheese wax can be used to coat the cheese, traditionally certain cheeses are coated in specific colors. Cheese types like Edam or Gouda are usually coated in red wax. Black wax is associated with aged cheese types like Parmesan or cheddar. Specialty cheeses like dill, pepper jack or bacon-cheddar (yum!) can be coated in a variety of colors. Specialty cheese shape cutouts are popular around holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day. They are usually coated in colors associated with the holiday.

Cheese Wax

Bottle Sealing And Letter Sealing Wax

Bottle sealing and letter sealing waxes also come in a variety of colors. These wax types can even be custom colored. Unlike cheese wax, bottle and letter sealing waxes don’t have a specific color for certain products or applications. Many people like to have a sealing wax that matches their label or stationary, but it’s also an option to choose a color to mark a special holiday or seasonal product.

Colored Wax Sticks

We can custom blend wax colors for your specialty product. Please contact us to learn more!


2 Replies to “Why And How Waxes Are Colored”

  1. Steve Doerner says:

    Do you have an online color chart that would at least approximate the color of your different stock colors? I’m specificly looking for something in the gray/turquoise color but I only need a pound or 10 sticks so a custom order would not meet your minimums. I thought that your aqua might be the closest to what I am looking for but I was hoping to see it first. The color that looked the closest to what I’m looking for that I could find on your sight was in the bottle sealing wax video where there were some blocks of wax in gold, lime green, something somewhat orange and the one I think might work for me in the lower left, a light blue. Could you tell me if that is a stock color and if so what is it’s name/number?
    Thanks in advance, Steve Doerner

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Hi There! We’ll be in touch regarding your inquiry.

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