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Festive Cheese Cutouts

Festive Cheese Cutouts

By this time, you may have completed your holiday decorations. But how can you add the holiday spirit to this year’s feast?

Add cheese cutouts to this year’s holiday meal:

Holiday cheese cutouts are a creative way to make your holiday celebrations a complete success. Cheese wax cutouts can be molded into any shape imaginable from snowmen to Christmas trees. They can be served as an appetizer or with an entrée. You could even include them on the dessert table. In addition, you could also add them to stocking stuffers or gift baskets. It’s Wisconsin, and you can’t go wrong with cheese!

The cutouts are waxed in a variety of colors. Some colors include red, green and yellow. Click here to learn more about cheese wax colors. In addition to making the cheese look festive, wax protects cheese from bacteria, mold and drying. Cheese wax cutouts are typically made from cheddar cheese.

Need holiday cheese cutout ideas?

We recommend you explore Jim’s Cheese cutouts for inspiration. Since 1955, it has been distributing Wisconsin’s finest cheese. Its website features a variety of festive cutouts that will surely get your mouth watering and creative juices flowing.

Our cheese wax is available in small and large quantities contact us directly for large quantities. Our cheese wax is also U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved for direct contact with food.

As you prepare your holiday grocery list, don’t forget to add our cheese wax. Place your order today. Happy holidays!