“Wax” To School

Posted: August 26, 2016

It’s almost back-to-school time again, which means school supply shopping is underway. Did you know some of the supplies you may purchase have wax in them or are coated in wax?


This back-to-school staple contains a large amount of wax. Crayons are made by combining paraffin wax with pigments and other ingredients. Paraffin wax is colorless and refined from petroleum. Since it is colorless, it is perfect for adding special pigments to make every color of the rainbow.


Sculpture Wax

If your child is taking any art classes this school year, he or she may be using sculpture wax. It is a special blended wax created for carving figures and objects. It is soft enough for beginners to use, but sturdy enough for advanced sculptors.

Sculpture wax

Waxed Paper

Back to school also means packed lunches for many children. The waxed paper you may use to wrap some of the treats in the lunch box have – you guessed it – wax on it. Waxed paper is usually coated in paraffin wax, but some natural waxed paper brands use soy wax. The wax on the paper helps it not stick to anything it is protecting. It is also water resistant, so any leaks in the lunch box won’t ruin the rest of the food.

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