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All About Natural Waxes

All About Natural Waxes

There are hundreds of types of wax. Each comes from a unique source. The world provides us with many sources of wax. Natural waxes come from natural secretions of plants, animals and insects.

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Learn more about popular natural waxes:

Animal Waxes

The most common type of animal wax is beeswax. Worker bees form beeswax and honeybees use it to build honeycomb cells. Beeswax is commonly used in candles and cosmetics.

Another common animal wax is lanolin, also known as wool wax or wool grease. This wax comes from wool-bearing animals like sheep. Lanolin is used in a variety of applications, from lip balm to rust-proof coatings. Many baseball players also use it to soften their gloves.

Tallow is rendered from animal fat. It is used as a lubricant and leather conditioner. It is also used in candles.

Plant Waxes

Plant waxes come from a variety of plants. Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of the carnauba palm. It is also known as palm wax. This wax type has a shiny finish and is often used in polishes for cars, shoes, floors and furniture.

Soy wax is another common plant-based wax. It comes from soybean oil. It is commonly used in candles and cosmetics.

Candelilla wax comes from the leaves of small Candelilla shrubs native to northern Mexico and southwestern United States. This wax type is usually mixed with other wax varieties to harden them without raising the melting point.

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