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How to Use Bottle Sealing Wax

How to Use Bottle Sealing Wax

Bottle sealing wax is extremely helpful for anyone who manufactures a product in a bottle, whether it is perfume, whiskey, syrup or wine. However, many do not know when or how to use it.

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If you are looking to top off your bottles with Bottle Sealing Wax, read further to learn how.

When to Use Bottle Sealing Wax

Avoid Dampness – Bottle sealing wax creates a true seal on the bottle. Though it is easily removed, it blocks out any excess moisture and bacteria from making its way to the product inside. This is ideal for any product that is either exposed to or stored in a damp area, such as a cellar. Not only does the seal prevent anything from coming in, but it also prevents anything from spilling out of the bottle.

Corked Bottles – Bottle sealing wax also protects corks. Excess moisture can cause a cork to deteriorate. The seal from the wax prevents this from happening.

Unique Look – Using bottle sealing wax will give your bottles a distinct look from competitive products. It’s a polished look that consumers will recognize. You can customize the wax with a seal or different colors. For more information on the colors available, check our article about Bottle Sealing Wax Colors.

How to Use Bottle Sealing Wax

1. Use a heat safe container that has a temperature setting, such as a crock pot or a deep fryer. If these items aren’t available you can also use a pot on the stove. If you use a regular pot, be very careful to keep track of the exact temperature of the wax as it melts and as you are dipping bottles.

2. Dipping temperature is between 275°-300°f. Make sure to measure the temperature before you begin dipping the bottles.

3. Hold the bottle upside down and dip the neck into the bottle sealing wax. Remove the bottle and let the excess wax drip off the end. Once the excess is off, turn the bottle right side up.

Using Bottle sealing wax is extremely simple and has many benefits that keep your product fresh and pure inside the bottle. If you have any more questions about bottle sealing wax, contact us or check out our article Bottle Sealing Wax Questions & Answers.