Cheese Wax Colors

Cheese Wax Colors

Cheese wax comes in a variety of colors. Although any color of wax can be used to coat any type of cheese, some cheeses are coated in the same color most places around the world. The color of the cheese wax doesn’t change the composition or flavor of the cheese, but it can signify the type of cheese that is inside of the wax.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the different colors cheese wax comes in, along with popular cheeses that use a specific color of cheese wax.

Red Cheese Wax

One of the most popular cheeses that is coated in red cheese wax is Edam. Red cheese wax is also often used commercially on Cheddar cheese and Gouda.

Black Cheese Wax

There are a variety of different cheeses that are coated in black cheese wax. Many times if a cheese is coated black cheese wax, it means that the cheese has been aged.

Clear Cheese Wax

Clear cheese wax is typically used as a base coat for cheese wax. It is typically recommended to do two coats of cheese wax on the cheese so sometimes a clear coat is used first before the colored wax is applied.

Clear cheese wax can also be used alone.

Cheese Cut-Outs

Cheese cut-outs, cheese that is cut into a specific shape then dipped in wax, can be waxed in a variety of cheese wax colors. Cheese cut-outs are typically made from cheddar cheese.

All of the cheese wax colors that Blended Waxes use are made using FDA approved pigments, which means it is safe to use with food (like cheese)

Cheese wax is available in large or small quantities in just about any color you can imagine. Check out our website for more information on cheese wax. Or to place an order visit our retail site.