All About Custom Wax Blending

Posted: January 27, 2017

Wax blends are used in a wide range of industries, including medical, packaging, paper, cosmetic and art. Each industry requires a different blend for its application. Custom wax blends are often the solution for many businesses to create a product that performs in a specific way.

Custom wax blends can be made to match an existing blend, swap out an ingredient in a blend for an eco-friendly option or create a new blend to lower a business’ costs.

Custom Wax Blends

We have an on-site laboratory, which makes analyzing and replicating blends possible. Our knowledgeable lab personnel formulates blends to match specific criteria, including:

  • Lowering the wax melt point
  • Making the wax easier to peel
  • Changing the blend’s texture
  • Modifying the wax blend’s viscosity

Custom wax blends always start with high-quality base waxes. Our team has experience incorporating natural wax ingredients, like soy wax, into blends for a more eco-friendly formulation.

The custom blends can be formatted and packaged to fit a customer’s specific needs.

Formatting options for custom blends are:

  • Blocks
  • Sticks

Packaging options include:

  • Fiber drums
  • Steel drums
  • Plastic pails
  • Metal pails
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Super sacks
  • Paper Bags
  • Cartons

Custom wax blending is our specialty. If you need a blend for your product, contact us.


2 Replies to “All About Custom Wax Blending”

  1. Allyson Barrio says:

    Looking to create an eco-friendly surf wax. Are you able to make a surf wax blend?

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Hi There! We’ll reach out to you directly regarding your surf wax inquiry.

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