5 Tips For Using Bottle Sealing Wax

Posted: November 16, 2018

Bottle sealing wax creates a secure seal to protect bottled goods, including perfume, beer, wine and syrup. Keep reading to learn a few tips for using bottle sealing wax.

Bottle sealing wax supplies

1. Choose Your Wax

To get started, select your wax. Our bottle sealing wax creates a flexible, easy-to-remove seal and is available in many colors and finishes. Choose from vibrant solid colors, sparkly metallics and shiny pearls. We can even create custom colors to match your brand.

When ordering your wax, keep in mind each pound of wax seals about 25-30 bottles.

2. Get The Right Supplies

Make the dipping process easy with the correct supplies. You’ll need your bottled product, wax, two metal canisters (one for melted wax and one for water), room temperature water and a thermometer.

3. Heat To The Right Temperature

Put the wax blocks in one of your metal canisters and heat it to 275-300℉ for best results. Check your thermometer frequently during the dipping process to ensure the wax remains at the proper temperature.

4. Dip The Bottle

Dry the bottle off before dipping to remove any moisture for the best seal. Hold the bottle upside down and dip the neck into the wax. Once the bottle is coated, remove it from the wax and let the excess drip off. Then, dip the top of the wax-coated bottle in the canister of room temperature water to set the wax.

5. Store Your Product

The wax typically cools in about 30 minutes. Before packing the bottles away, make sure the wax is completely cooled. The wax seal will protect your product from leaking or spilling. It also keeps air and bacteria out of the bottle during storage.

Check out this video for a step-by-step demonstration of how to use bottle sealing wax:


12 Replies to “5 Tips For Using Bottle Sealing Wax”

  1. Lee Motley says:

    Would this wax or letter seal wax be better for seal stamps? I don’t use a glue gun often, but would bottle sealing wax be supple or malleable enough to survive going through the mail delivery system?

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Letter sealing and bottle sealing are actually the exact same formula, so either would work for seal stamps. The letter sealing wax is formatted for a standard sized glue gun and is very easy to use for this purpose. The bottle sealing wax would need to be completely melted in a container and you would likely need to use a melting spoon to scoop the wax and apply it to your letter. The wax is malleable enough to survive the U.S. Mail. Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you have additional questions. Thanks for your inquiry!

  2. DAVID DEJONG says:

    I am using you wax to seal beer bottles and after the wax cools it is cracking. What do you think I am doing wrong?

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Thanks for reaching out to us! We will contact you directly to see if we can help solve the problem.

  3. Ken says:

    I am going to be using the wax to seal bottles. Is there a electric wax melter that you would recommend?

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Hi there! If you are going to dip your bottles into wax by hand, we would recommend using a small deep fryer with a temperature control. Keeping a steady temperature is important so you can dip your bottles consistently and a deep fryer has enough depth so you can apply the wax down the neck of your bottle. If you have a recessed cork or are looking to pour a small amount of wax onto your bottle, we would recommend using either the deep fryer with a melting spoon, or an electric wax melter which you can find here https://www.letterseals.com/collections/melting-pots/products/7-wax-melting-pot?variant=3967508357

      If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at [email protected].

      Also, we’d LOVE to see photos of your finished product! Feel free to share with @blendedwaxes on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for your inquiry!

  4. Kimbrly Koennecke says:

    Can you recommend who can make custom stamps for the wax? Thank you

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Thanks for your inquiry! We would recommend either Global Solutions or Letterseals.com.

  5. Troy says:

    Can the wax just stay in the pot and then re heat and re use the next day

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Yes. You can certainly keep the wax in the container and re-heat. Thanks for your inquiry!

  6. Sam says:

    Will this stick to clothing?

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      The wax would stick to clothing and would not come off if the wax is too hot.

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