3 Ways To Use Bottle Sealing Wax

Posted: March 14, 2019

Bottle sealing wax is used to seal a variety of bottled goods, including perfume, beer, whiskey, wine and syrup. Take a look at three examples of bottle sealing wax in use.

Bottle sealing wax White bottle sealing wax

This cider bottle is sealed with white bottle sealing wax, which matches the label. The seal is topped off with an embossed snowflake. With bottle sealing wax you can emboss an image or even your logo into the wax for a personalized look.

wine bottle seal

Wine bottles are taken to a new level with an elegant seal. The seal on this bottle of pinot noir matches the red tones in the bottle label. We can create custom bottle sealing wax colors to match your brand or packaging.

Beer bottle seal

Fifth Ward Brewery’s Chocolate Mint Porter bottles are topped off with mint green bottle sealing wax – the color of the wax is a great play on the name of the beer. Our bottle sealing wax is available in a rainbow of colors from lime green to fuchsia.

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2 Replies to “3 Ways To Use Bottle Sealing Wax”

  1. Chris Tanner says:

    Do you have any suggestions or products that accompany the was for sealing bottles that are used to assist in opening/ removing the wax?

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Thanks for your inquiry! Unfortunately, we do not provide products that would assist with the removal of the wax. If you are looking for tape to assist with peeling off the wax, we would recommend using 1/4″ tape. You can find 1/4″ tear tape on Amazon or Uline.

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