3 Facts About Paper Coating Waxes

Posted: April 27, 2018

Many paper products, including cardboard and waxed paper, are coated in a thin layer of wax. Keep reading to learn about paper coating waxes:

Waxed papers

1. Wax is added to paper products to make them more durable and moisture resistant. A thin coating of wax keeps the paper product from disintegrating when it comes in contact with moisture, like grease or water.

Wax is also added to paper products to keep things from sticking to it. Chewy candies are often wrapped in wax coated paper to make them easy to unwrap.

2. There are three different ways wax is applied to paper products.

  • Wet waxing (aka wax bath): A sheet of paper is immersed in the wax
  • Roll-on or dry waxing: Wax is rolled on the sheet of paper using rollers
  • Laminating: Wax is applied to printed paper and is used to bond two substrates together, such as foil to paper or paper to paper.

3. The amount of wax added to the paper depends on what the coated paper will be used for. For example, butcher paper has a thicker wax coating on it than candy wrapper paper. For a ream of paper, which is approximately 3,000 square feet, there can be up to 30 pounds of wax on it.

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