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Waxed Paper And Holiday Treats

Waxed Paper And Holiday Treats

The holidays are right around the corner! Many people celebrate by making special candies and cookies to enjoy. These handmade treats are also great to give as gifts. If you are crafting delicious concoctions this holiday season, consider wrapping them up in waxed paper!

How Waxed Paper Is Made

Waxed paper doesn’t just have a waxy feel, it is actually coated in wax. Most waxed paper brands are coated with a low-mid melt point wax on one or both sides of a relatively low weight sheet of paper. The result is a semi-translucent, shiny piece of paper perfect for storing cookies and candies.

How Waxed Paper Works

The wax applied to the paper protects the sheet from grease and moisture. If a baker used regular paper to store holiday treats, the grease would eventually deteriorate the paper. Waxed paper also keeps tacky treats, like caramels, from sticking together.

Parchment Paper vs. Waxed Paper

Some novice bakers may think parchment paper and waxed paper are one in the same. While both parchment paper and waxed paper are coated papers and are used to keep treats from sticking together, they have very different uses. Parchment paper can be used in the oven because it is coated with a heat-resistant coating. Waxed paper is used for storing treats once they are done baking and should not be used in the oven.