Case Study: Custom Blend Solution Success

Posted: May 20, 2015

Read this case study article to learn more about another one of our custom wax blending successes.


The company that we worked with on this project is a current customer of Blended Waxes. This customer is one of the many craft breweries that purchases our bottle sealing wax for their product.


This company, a craft brewery, uses bottle sealing wax to create a unique look for their bottles.


This company, a current customer of Blended Waxes, was using our current bottle sealing wax blend to top off their bottles. Although they were pleased with this wax blend, they wanted something different and even easier to apply and peel from their bottles.


This customer came to Blended Waxes with their proposal to have their current bottle sealing wax altered to become easier to apply and peel. We experimented with lowering the wax’s melt point and making the product thinner.


Our lab offered this customer a formula for bottle sealing wax that is thinner and melts at a lower temperature than our regular bottle sealing wax blend. The lower melt temperature allows the wax to conform to the bottle, yet it is not adhesive which makes for easy peeling. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to peel.

If you’ve checked out the Our Team page on our website, you may recognize the hands in the video as those of our Director of Laboratory Services. Visit the team page to learn more about some of our team members and the roles they play at Blended Waxes.


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