Toll Manufacturing Questions & Answers

Toll Manufacturing Questions & Answers

Toll manufacturing, or contract manufacturing, can be a great solution for many different industries. Below are some commonly asked questions about toll manufacturing along with the answers to those questions.

What is toll manufacturing?

Toll manufacturing is a service provided by a company with specialized equipment that will process, package, store and ship your product.

How will my product be packaged?

To put it simply, your product can be packaged any way you want! There are many different packaging options available such as cartons, bags or even drums. Check out more packaging options here.

What if my finished product consists of multiple raw materials?

Blending is what we do, it is in our name: Blended Waxes! Your raw materials can be shipped to our location for blending, processing and even packaging.

Can my product be shipped in liquid form?

You bet! The best part of toll manufacturing is the endless variety of packaging and shipping options available for your finished product. We have the ability to blend your raw materials in one of our many tanks and load it directly into a tank truck using an automated loading and unloading system. The system can move the product from our bulk tanks to anywhere in the plant and to the loading and unloading stations outside of the plant. It can even move the product out to the railcars on our rail spur.

Will the product be tested?

Yes the product will be tested. Every product produced is tested and approved in an on-site laboratory by qualified lab technicians. Learn more about some of the standard tests we can do here.

How is the finished product stored?

The way the finished product is stored depends on the quantity of finished goods and your required “need by” date. Typically, a product shipping from the toll manufacturing facility shortly after completion will be stored on-site until the time that it is shipped. If a product is being produced simply for inventory replenishment or if it might ship to a variety of end users in the future, the finished product might be stored in an offsite warehouse.

Toll manufacturing is beneficial for many companies. Have more questions about toll manufacturing or want to learn more about it? Contact us.