The Three C’s Of Valentine’s Day Feature Wax

The Three C’s Of Valentine’s Day Feature Wax

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Did you know many candy and gift items contain wax? The romantic card you got your sweetie has wax on it, and so does the box holding your chocolates. Learn about the wax used in your Valentine’s Day gifts:


Nearly all boxes have some sort of wax coating on them. The wax makes the box more durable, water-resistant and glossy. The wax coating also keeps the candy from sticking to the box. Candy wrappers are also coated in a laminating wax. The wax-coated paper keeps the candy from sticking. Even the paper that separates the chocolates is coated in wax. Most paper and wax coatings are made from paraffin wax. One ream of candy wrapper paper is approximately 3,000 square feet. That’s enough paper to wrap more than 108,000 small pieces of candy! Each ream of paper is coated in 7-8 pounds of wax.

Box Coating Wax


The festive card you give to your valentine is also coated in wax. The wax used to coat cards is similar to candy box wax coating. The wax coating protects the card and gives it a durable finish. Take a step back in time and seal your card with letter sealing wax. Letter sealing wax makes your card even more special with a customized wax seal.

Letter sealing wax


Are you planning to toast to your love with a bottle of Champagne? Depending on the type of bubbly you are drinking, the bottle may be sealed with bottle sealing wax. Bottle sealing wax is used to keep the drink sealed and give it a decorative finish. We create bottle sealing wax in a wide range of colors. If you brew your own beverages, consider using wax to top them off.

Bottle sealing wax
As you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, keep in mind all of the wax that was used to create your gifts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!