The Easiest Way To Use Duck Wax

The Easiest Way To Use Duck Wax

Duck wax is an important supply to have on hand as you prepare for the upcoming hunting season because it helps remove pin feathers from waterfowl. Duck wax sticks to the tiny feathers and pulls them out in one clean strip. Follow these tips to learn the easiest way to use duck wax:

Duck Wax

Tip #1: Correct Temperature

When using duck wax, it is important to keep the water and wax mixture at a consistent temperature. For our duck wax, we recommend filling your pot with 75 percent water to 25 percent duck wax and heating it to 160℉. If the water is boiling, it is too hot and won’t allow for an even coating.

Tip #2: Chill Tank

To help the wax set quickly, use a chill tank. Have a large basin filled with cold water and ice ready to dip the bird in after coating it in duck wax.

Tip #3: Dip Twice

Dip your duck entirely in the wax for a few seconds then pull it out. Repeat the process once more for the most even coating. Dipping the bird twice also helps with removing the wax after it hardens.

Tip #4: Even Coating

If you find the wax coating on the bird is too thin, you may be dipping at too high of temperatures. Cool down the wax and water mixture to improve your results and create an even coating. If your coating is too thick, you need to increase the temperature of the wax and water mixture.

Stock up on duck wax for hunting season today!