Red, White And “Bleu” Wax?

Red, White And “Bleu” Wax?

There are many ways to make your holidays festive, but have you ever thought of using wax to add the finishing touch to your holiday? Cheese, bottle sealing and letter sealing waxes are all available in a variety of colors including red, white and blue for Independence Day. Learn more about these colored waxes:

Cheese Wax

Red cheese wax

Cheese wax is typically used for coating cheese, but its protective qualities also make it great for coating other food products and even cosmetics! If you want to give your cheese creation a festive coating, consider using cheese wax. You can purchase our standard cheese wax colors on our shopping site. If you’re looking for a special shade to complete your product, we also have specialty colors available, including our unique Navy “Bleu” color!

Bottle Sealing and Letter Sealing Waxes

Bottle sealing wax

Bottle sealing wax also comes in a variety of colors, including red, white and blue. Bottle sealing wax is used to seal bottles for wine, whiskey, beer and more. This wax is easy to apply to the bottle, and the colored wax gives it a custom, festive look. Consider adding red, white or blue bottle sealing wax to the homemade brew or other beverage you’ll serve at your Fourth of July party!

Letter sealing wax is popular for special announcements or invitations. If you are having an Independence Day celebration, consider adding a colored wax seal to the invitation envelopes to make a patriotic first impression. Letter sealing waxes can be purchased on our shopping site.

You can purchase cheese, bottle sealing and letter sealing waxes on our shopping site in small quantities. If you need larger quantities of wax or are looking to create a custom color blend, please contact us. One of our specialties is creating custom wax blends to make your product shine! Have a great Independence Day!