Blended Waxes’ ISO 9001 Certification

Blended Waxes’ ISO 9001 Certification

Providing consistent, high-quality wax blends is our top priority. We are ISO 9001 certified to ensure our customers always receive the best blends for their application.

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ISO 9001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system. Our quality management system is based on customer satisfaction. Through communication with our customers, we design and produce wax blends suitable for their needs. After the blend has been created, the product is tested and approved to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements.

As this occurs, Blended Waxes’ leadership team takes great care in assuring the infrastructure, personnel, processes and equipment are suitable for producing products and maintaining and exceeding the expectations of our customers. The quality management system and ISO 9001 standard are used as a foundation to guide our performance and ensure continual improvement.

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Blended Waxes holds up to date ISO 9001 certification and maintains extensive documentation of our processes for transparent operations. The quality management system and our processes have been independently verified by one of the top certifying bodies in the world. There is a rigorous internal and external auditing process to ensure our systems are current and meet requirements, but most importantly continue to improve Blended Waxes and exceed customer expectations.

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Our ISO 9001 certification means you’ll get high-quality products with consistent results each time you work with us. Contact us to learn more!