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5 Facts About Carnauba Wax

5 Facts About Carnauba Wax

Wax plays a significant role in numerous industries. Products can benefit from different types of wax for adhesive purposes, coatings, sealing and other uses. You can find many waxes that are beneficial for these uses and that carry multiple properties, making them unique and helpful for products. One of the many waxes that industries can use for their supply chain and products is carnauba wax.

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Carnauba wax is a natural plant wax used in many products and applications. This substance has many unique qualities, from how it’s sourced to some of the applications it’s commonly used for. Keep reading to learn five facts about this wax type and how carnauba wax can benefit your company.

1. It Comes From a Unique Source

Carnauba wax comes from the fronds of a carnauba tree, found in Brazil. The trees’ leaves are dried and beaten to release the wax, which is then bleached or refined for a variety of uses. This harvesting process doesn’t harm the tree, and because of its source, carnauba wax is categorized as a natural plant wax. Some also call this product “palm wax” because of its origins.

2. It Has Various Properties

Carnauba wax is shiny, which is perfect for giving a glossy look to many products. It also has waterproofing qualities when applied to certain products. Carnauba wax is brittle when used alone, so it is often combined with another wax type. Carnauba wax has a high melting point around 185 degrees Fahrenheit, which helps the substance be a strong and durable natural wax.

3. It’s Used in Emulsions

Carnauba wax is a popular wax used in emulsions, which are stable mixtures of one or more waxes in water. This wax emulsion is often used in creams and ointments to thicken them.

4. It’s Used in Various Polishes

Since carnauba wax is shiny, it is often used in polishes, including car, shoe and floor polish. It is also used as a shiny coating on produce, like apples and cucumbers. The shiny wax coating does more than just make the floor or fruit look good, it also adds a protective layer.

5. It Can Be Used in Food

Some are surprised to find that you can eat carnauba wax. Food-grade varieties are safe to eat and appear in goods like candies from fruit snacks to M&M’S. Carnauba wax is responsible for keeping these foods from melting and giving them their shine.

Another common food that carnauba wax is used in is cheese. Hard cheeses benefit from waxes like carnauba, as they protect the cheese and prevent it from spoiling quickly. After you melt the carnauba, you dip the cheese in the substance or paint it on to cover the entire wheel of cheese. When it’s time to eat, simply peel off the wax and enjoy!
5 Facts About Carnauba Wax

Other Uses for Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax offers benefits for various industries and applications. Other than for polishes and emulsions, carnauba wax can be used for:

  • Cosmetics: Carnauba wax is predominantly used to make eyeliners, lipsticks, foundations, skincare products, deodorants and eyeshadows. The substance is also hypoallergenic, which is a great feature for various cosmetic products.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Carnauba wax is used as a tablet-coating substance for various pharmaceutical pills and tablets.
  • Leather: Carnauba wax is beneficial for protecting leather products from water damage. The substance is hydrophobic and is not soluble in water.
  • Cars: Carnauba wax helps protect your car and make it look appealing. The wax can protect your car from the sun’s UV rays, makes car mirrors shine and protects the paint from various outdoor elements.

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