5 Benefits of On-Site Lab Testing

5 Benefits of On-Site Lab Testing

Whether you need laboratory services, are looking to duplicate a blend, or even develop a blend there are many benefits to working with a facility that has an on-site laboratory. Read on to learn the top five benefits of on-site lab testing.

1. Quick Turnaround

A huge benefit to an on-site lab is the quick turnaround you get. In a fast-paced world it is important to have a quick turnaround time. When you work with a facility with an on-site lab, you can achieve the quick turnaround because the staff is physically on site working in the lab.

Products can be sent to the lab and tested within minutes which means no waiting around for the results. An on-site lab is especially useful for liquid bulk shipments. At Blended Waxes we can even test the product and have the results on a Certificate of Analysis before the truck is ready to leave.

2. New Product Development

An on-site lab can assist with new product development with ease. An on-site laboratory has the instrumentation and facilities available to develop new products.

Anyone who is trying to start a new product line or perhaps update the current products to be more competitive needs to sample, test and test again to get the exact product they are looking for. This whole process can be done in our on-site lab.

3. Cost Savings

Did you know you can actually save money by working with a facility with an on-site lab? Since you won’t have to hire outside consultation labs or services you actually end up saving money when you work with an on-site lab.

No need to send your samples to an outside lab service. Your samples can be taken straight from production and tested. At Blended Waxes there is no additional cost to customers for testing products, saving you money.

4. Troubleshooting

Since the on-site lab has the proper state of the art instrumentation, they are able to troubleshoot and solve problems in an efficient manner.

If something isn’t working quite right or a customer is looking to find an offset for a product, an on-site lab can test and troubleshoot to find the solution. Some of the testing we do at Blended Waxes can be found here.

5. It’s On-Site

By far, the greatest benefit to an on-site laboratory is that it is just that, on-site. With an on-site lab the resources are right at our fingertips. At Blended Waxes our on-site lab is what separates us from the others, our lab personnel is dedicated and knowledgeable. In fact, our whole ISO system is built around our on-site lab.

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