4 Cheese Wax Types

4 Cheese Wax Types

If you are looking for a cheese wax to use you might be overwhelmed by all of the choices out there. Keep reading to learn about 4 different cheese waxes and their properties.

1. BW-100E

This cheese wax is formulated to be more adhesive than other grades of cheese wax. This wax is unique because it can be applied at higher temperatures, which helps to remove moisture from the cheese surface. This wax is an amber color.

2. BW-100F

This cheese wax is formulated to be very versatile. It is great because it can be used for a variety of shapes and sizes of cheese. Another distinctive feature of this wax is that it is harder than many other types of cheese wax. This wax is light amber in color.

3. BW-100I

This cheese wax is formulated for large cheese tubes or cylinders, for example, provolone cheese. This wax is unique because it is thicker than most other waxes but it is still quite flexible. This wax is light in color.

4. BW-100J

This cheese wax is the most flexible of all other cheese waxes, which makes it “peelable”. It is also one of the softest cheese waxes and can be used in a variety of applications.

All of these grades of cheese waxes are approved for direct food contact under FDA regulations. Also, all of the above grades are available in any FDA compliant color.

There you have it, four of the most popular types of cheese wax carried by Blended Waxes, Inc. Check out our cheese waxes page for more information on all of the cheese waxes Blended Waxes offers.