4 Benefits of Using Cheese Wax

4 Benefits of Using Cheese Wax

In recent years people have been moving away from using cheese wax to age their cheese creations. Read our latest article to find out why cheese wax is still one of the best options for aging cheese. Check out the top four benefits to using cheese wax below.

1. Breathability

Cheese wax allows for the cheese to breathe. The permeability of the wax allows for the exchange of gases which is necessary to properly age the cheese. Another popular method of aging cheese is vacuum sealing the cheese. Unless you have a specific type of vacuum seal, the plastic may not allow for the cheese to breathe.

2. Pliability

The cheese wax is pliable, which allows for it to fit to your shape of cheese.

3. Shape

Although the shape of your cheese doesn’t necessarily determine the taste of it, a nicely shaped cheese will always be more appealing than a deformed one. Vacuum sealing the cheese creates pressure on certain spots on the cheese, resulting in dents in the cheese, and overall deformation.

4. Time

Cheese wax hardens quickly compared to a plastic coating which can take between 6 – 8 hours to dry. The shorter amount of time makes cheese wax easier to handle during the coating process.

Overall, there are many benefits to using the traditional cheese wax to age your cheeses. To learn more about the cheese waxes Blended Waxes, Inc. offers check out our cheese waxes page on our website.