All About Custom Wax Colors

Posted: February 15, 2019

Colored wax blocks

How Wax Is Colored

Wax comes from various sources, so in its natural state wax ranges in color. During the refining process, crude oil is separated into different components. The waxy layer gets further refined into consumer wax products. Refining filters out oils and other impurities in the wax. The more refined a product is, the whiter in color.

Wax types with higher oil content, like microcrystalline or slack wax, are darker in color. There are other factors that impact the color of wax, including exposure to heat and the wax’s oil source.

Some wax types have color added to them for a special purpose or to make the product stand out. Cheese, letter sealing and bottle sealing waxes are the most common colored wax types. These waxes are colored with FDA approved pigments, meaning they are safe to use with food.

Letter sealing wax sticks

Traditional Colors and Color Matching

Cheese is typically coated in red, black, green or blue waxes. Bottle sealing and letter sealing waxes are available in a rainbow of wax colors, from lime green to bright blue. We can even color match our wax to your brand colors. The possibilities are nearly endless!

Special Finishes

Besides custom solid colors, waxes can have a variety of finishes. Choose a pearl finish for an iridescent sheen to your wax coating. Metallic finishes provide a sparkly touch, while neon colors make your product shout from the shelves. We even have glow-in-the-dark finishes for a truly bold experience.

Metallic waxes

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