3 Reasons You Should Use Toll Manufacturing

Posted: December 28, 2018

Toll manufacturing is a service provided by a company that specializes in blending, producing and/or packaging material (in our case, wax) for another company. Using toll manufacturing has many benefits. Keep reading to learn why you should use it.

Toll manufacturing

1. Experienced Team

Toll manufacturers are knowledgeable in producing certain types of products (we specialize in producing wax blends). Toll manufacturers offer expertise in areas your company may lack. The toll manufacturer acts as an extension of your team and helps your company be more competitive.

2. Additional Services

When you work with a toll manufacturer, often they have additional services available to you, too. At Blended Waxes we also offer on-site laboratory services, packaging options, purchasing ability and shipping capabilities. Having extra services on-site saves your company time and money.

3. Cost Efficient

With toll manufacturing your company doesn’t have to invest money in specialized equipment, additional employees or space to accommodate production. The toll manufacturer already has all the resources and experience to create your product in a cost-efficient way.

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