3 Bottle Sealing Wax Benefits

Posted: October 26, 2018

Bottle sealing wax is used to seal a variety of bottled goods, including perfume, beer, whiskey, wine and syrup. Keep reading to learn more benefits about bottle sealing wax:

Bottle sealing wax sealed bottle

1. Unique Look

Bottle sealing wax is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Custom colors to match your brand are also available. You can even emboss your logo or an image into the wax. When you use bottle sealing wax, it makes your product stand out from the rest with a unique look.

2. Easy To Use

Bottle sealing wax is easy to use. Heat the wax to 275-300℉ and dip the bottle top into the pot. One pound of wax will seal approximately 25-30 bottles.

When you are ready to remove the bottle sealing wax, it removes without crumbling or cracking because the wax is flexible unlike other bottle sealing methods.

3. Protects The Cork

Corks alone don’t create a secure seal on a bottle, which can lead to spoiled product. Corks can leak and cause spills while letting air and bacteria into the product. Bottle sealing wax prevents this and also prevents the product from absorbing damp odors while in storage (for example in a cellar). Moisture in the air can cause deterioration of the cork. The wax coating keeps damp air from damaging the cork.

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