3 Benefits Of Toll Manufacturing Wax

Posted: May 10, 2016

Toll manufacturing, also known as contract manufacturing, has become more popular in recent years. Toll manufacturers create specialized products for other businesses. We create wax blends for other companies. Learn about the top three benefits of using a toll manufacturer:

Toll Manufacturing Warehouse

1. No Capital Investment

The minimal capital investment is one of the biggest reasons companies choose to use toll manufacturers. Toll manufacturing is great for companies who need a specialized product, like a wax blend, but don’t want to invest in the specialized equipment for producing the product. Companies also save money by avoiding hiring more employees to create the specialized product or purchasing more space to accommodate production.

2. Storage and Delivery

Many toll manufacturers, including Blended Waxes, can store the end product to save companies space. Toll manufacturers coordinate on-site storage, off-site warehousing and final delivery of the product to take the stress of storage and delivery off of business owners.

3. Experience

Toll manufacturers offer knowledge and experience in places where your company may lack. Using a toll manufacturer with experience handling a variety of products can help improve efficiency and competitiveness at your company. Blended Waxes is experienced and knowledgeable with wax blends. Toll manufacturers also offer additional services, including lab testing, packaging options and shipping capabilities.

If you are interested in learning more about our toll manufacturing services, please contact us.


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