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Visitor Safety

Welcome! Blended Waxes, Inc. is committed to making your visit a safe and healthy one for you and others in the workplace. For that reason, we require all visitors to abide by the following safety rules while at Blended Waxes.

Signing In

Upon arrival, all visitors must sign in with the receptionist.

Personal Protective Equipment

All visitors must use and wear the following Personal Protective Equipment while visiting the plant floor:

  • Fully enclosed, flat rubber or leather soled shoes
  • Safety glasses (ANSI Z87 approved) required when observing production processes
    • Safety glasses are available in the lobby
  • Further PPE may be required depending on operations being observed or the tasks being conducted
    • This PPE will be provided if necessary

Rules of Conduct

All visitors must obey the following rules of conduct at all times:

  • Follow all verbal instructions and signs
  • Don’t touch or attempt to operate any machine, device or equipment unless told to do so
  • Stay out of restricted areas
  • No photography or video recording or personnel, equipment and processes allowed
  • Report all injuries or problems immediately, no matter how minor.
    • If an accident is not reported, the visitor accepts full responsibility

Signing Out

Visitors must leave through the same area they entered and sign out with the receptionist.


Visitors who fail to follow these policies will have their visiting privileges revoked and be asked to leave. Blended Waxes shall not be responsible for injuries visitors suffer as a result of violating these rules.


Download Safety PDF