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Our facility has the capabilities and resources to fill any order size. Learn what happens in each area of our facility in the map below.


Blended Waxes, Inc facility map

Facility Index

1. Office

Our office is home to our customer service and administrative personnel.

2a. Specialty Waxes

We make small controlled blends in the specialty products area of our facility. We can create the blends in a variety of product formats with up to one micron filtration.

2b. Finished Product Storage

We store raw materials for our specialized blends and packaged products for palletizing and shipping in smaller quantities in the finished product storage area.

3. Wax Packaging

We have the ability to fill a variety of package types with our Rotoformer in the wax packaging area of our facility.

4. Shipping & Receiving

The shipping and receiving area at our main plant is used to stage material for direct shipment or movement to our warehouse for storage.

5. Wax Storage

Our wax storage area has regulated hot water for lower melt waxes and regulated steam for higher melt waxes.

6. Railcar Loading & Unloading

We are located on a rail spur with immediate access to ingress and egress trucking. Our rail spur allows us to order product and provide shorter lead times for our customers.

7. Bulk Tanker Truck Loading & Unloading

Bulk tank trucks are loaded and unloaded in this area with dedicated temperature-controlled piping.

8. Maintenance

Parts and equipment inventory for crucial production equipment is stored in the maintenance area of our facility.

9. Wax Blending

We have a variety of tank sizes in our wax blending area to allow us to produce wax blends from 450 pounds to 50,000 pounds.

10. Emulsions

Our emulsions area has large batch tanks with on-site wells and water softeners to create accurate blends. We have the ability to package the emulsions in a variety of formats, including totes or tank trucks.

11. Laboratory

Our on-site lab has state-of-the-art equipment for creating and testing custom wax formulations. We also have complete batch and raw material tracking in the lab.

12. Synthetic Lubricant Department

We produce and package synthetic lubricants and oils for various applications.

13. Raw Material and Finished Goods Storage

We have more than 20,000 square feet of storage space in our warehouse for finished goods, packaging materials and raw materials.

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