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Our team does whatever it takes to give you the custom solution you need for your unique application. We ensure your wax blend is created at the highest quality, on time and within budget.

Ona Srubas

Accounting Clerk

Ona handles accounting responsibilities including vendor and customer payments. She has been with Blended Waxes since July 2017.

Kate Schneider

Customer Service

Kate is responsible for providing exceptional customer service as well as shipping and order entry. She has been with Blended Waxes since April 2018.

Jack Gereau Blended Waxes

Jack Gereau

Laboratory Technician

Jack is responsible for assisting in research and development and quality control.  Jack also handles our plant’s technological initiatives and ordering of laboratory materials and equipment. He has been with Blended Waxes since 2015.

Max Wyman Blended Waxes

Max Wyman

Special Projects Coordinator

Max is involved in all aspects of Blended Waxes’ ISO certification and lean initiatives. He works closely with our facility team for capital asset and preventative maintenance planning. Max has been with Blended Waxes since 2012.

Paul Gereau Blended Waxes

Paul Gereau


Paul is involved in all aspects of daily operations, with a focus on research and development. Paul has been with Blended Waxes since 1989.

Bob Salvinski Blended Waxes

Bob Salvinski

Assistant Plant Manager

Bob assists in the overall management of the plant with particular emphasis on emulsions and synthetic lubricants. Bob has been with Blended Waxes since 1983.

Bob Coglianese

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Bob is responsible for operations management, executive decision-making, team building, financial structure and strategic planning. He joined Blended Waxes in 1998.

Jenn Schultz Blended Waxes

Jenn Schultz

Office Supervisor/Marketing

Jenn oversee’s the BWI Customer Service team, works closely with all administrative matters and assists in the development of Blended Waxes’ marketing plans. She has been with Blended Waxes since 2006.

Ben Tremble Blended Waxes

Ben Tremble

Director of Laboratory Services

Ben is responsible for research and development, quality control and testing, technical sales, raw material procurement and purchasing. He joined Blended Waxes in 1999.

Max Gereau Blended Waxes

Max Gereau

Plant Manager

Max manages the plant, including product processing, technical equipment questions and plant personnel supervision. Max has been with Blended Waxes since 2013.


Customer Service Representative

Terri is responsible for providing exceptional customer service, including order entry and shipping. She has been with Blended Waxes since January 2018.


Winnie is responsible for greeting visitors, napping and keeping everyone positive with her friendly smile.

Our History

Clarence Gereau founded Blended Waxes, Inc. May 1, 1976 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Blended Waxes started by producing cheese waxes and hot melt adhesives. By the mid-1980s, we expanded our custom wax blending operation to include wax emulsions and synthetic lubricants. Blended Waxes is now a full-service custom wax blend facility and contract manufacturer.

Blended Waxes Oshkosh Facility

The Latest Articles

In Memory Of Sophie, Vice President of Meet & Greet

Post date: May 7, 2018
Sophie the golden retriever and our vice president of meet and greet, passed away earlier this month. Her owner, Mary Jo was Blended Waxes’ office administrator for 24 years before she retired earlier this year. Sophie was in charge of...

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Blended Waxes’ ISO 9001 Certification

Post date: May 25, 2017
Providing consistent, high-quality wax blends is our top priority. We are ISO 9001 certified to ensure our customers always receive the best blends for their application. ISO 9001 is an international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system....

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Blended Waxes Celebrates 40 Years In Business

Post date: May 6, 2016
Dear Blended Waxes Blog Readers, On May 1, 1976, Clarence Gereau installed a few tanks in a former brewery building on the south side of Oshkosh, Wisconsin and blended a wax coating for a cheese manufacturer and proudly announced, “We’re...

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New Tanks At Blended Waxes

Post date: Mar 11, 2016
Over the last few months, Blended Waxes installed several new tanks in the emulsions area of our plant. In 2014, we installed four tanks for wax storage and emulsion blending. Recently, we’ve started a new project that requires more tank...

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