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Pucker Up! Waxes In Lip Products

Pucker Up! Waxes In Lip Products

Did you know wax is a common ingredient found in many beauty products? Wax has many different properties that can benefit lip product users and manufacturers, from retaining moisture to holding the shape of products. Learn about the types and benefits of wax in your favorite lip products.

Pucker Up! Waxes In Lip Products

Why Use Waxes in Lip Products?

Waxes can help lip products maintain their function and quality. Many manufacturers include wax in their lip products because they act as an emulsifier for ingredients. They prevent oils from separating within the product and keep other ingredient substances together. Wax is crucial for keeping the shape of lipsticks.

The texture of wax helps keep lip products on your lips for longer. Wax helps maintain a thick sticky consistency so it doesn’t run or drip when wearing it, especially with more liquid products like lip gloss. Overall, wax can provide a wide range of benefits to lip products.

Lip Balm

Depending on the brand and type of lip balm, manufactures can use various waxes to create the product. Beeswax lip balm is popular because it is a natural honeybee product from their hives. It has several skin and lip care benefits, including working as a natural moisturizer for hydrated and soft lips. Because bees create it naturally, many prefer it because they know it is all-natural with minimal additives, creating a more organic product. After production, the wax sits in honeycombs, creating a sweet, natural scent.

Vegans can choose from a variety of plant-based waxes. Carnauba is a popular choice for lip balms, which manufacturers can use to thicken and provide a glossy finish.

Lanolin and paraffin are other popular waxes for lip balms because they can soften lips and moisturize. Because lip balms seek to provide comfort, hydration and care to lips, waxes can help add moisturizing elements to balms. In most lip balms, manufacturers can choose from many wax types and use a combination of waxes to create the final product. The presence of wax within lip products, especially lip balms, helps them function better, making them ideal products for protecting, softening and soothing chapped lips.


Lipstick has an iconic shape that is a staple of the product. While the tube might help it retain its shape in storage, wax is essential for holding the stick shape that sets it apart from other lip products. Microcrystalline wax is standard in lipstick because it helps the lipstick keep its shape when you push it out of the tube. Both microcrystalline and carnauba wax have high melting points, which help keep it from melting in high temperatures.

Like lip balms, many lipsticks offer moisturizing qualities to maintain lip health while wearing the product. Microcrystalline wax is an oil-based substance, which helps it keep the creamy lipstick from sweating, but it goes through a high refinery process to maintain high quality. The benefits of wax in lip products like lipstick help maintain the product’s quality, ensuring customers can get the experience they want from them.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss gets its shine from emollient oils, which soften and moisturize skin. Most formulas use lanolin derivatives or polybutene, a silicone-like hydrocarbon, to help smooth and soften lips. Manufacturers rely on waxes in lip glosses to give them thickness and help them stay in place on your lips. Ozocerite wax is a common choice to add to the texture of lip gloss.

Because customers choose lip gloss for its soft and almost liquid texture, wax becomes essential in making it. Manufacturers turn to wax to maintain a liquid consistency that stays on lips and best provides for their customers.

Explore Wax for Your Lip Products With Blended Waxes

Wax adds to the function of several lip products that many people use every day. Wax helps create distinctive features that provide a better user experience, especially for lipsticks and glosses.

At Blended Waxes, we offer a wide range of waxes you can add to your lip products to help create quality products that do their job. We are wax experts, so we can create custom blends and flexible batch sizes for customers so you can have wax supplies that meet your specific needs. Contact Blended Waxes today and discover how our wax selection and custom blend service can help your business.