Case Study: Paper Coating

Posted: June 25, 2014


A current customer who approached Blended Waxes with their opportunity.


This customer had an opportunity for making a highly specialized blended wax paper coating product.


The product is used in a unique application in a specialized market. The customer had a sample of the wax they wanted replicated, but they didn’t know where to start.


This is where Blended Waxes came in. Blended Waxes’ state-of-the-art lab equipment was used to analyze the sample criteria given to them by the customer. After running several tests, they were able to produce a blend for trial. From there, they were able to work with the customer to develop several different sample products. They even researched new raw materials so they could create an exact match to their customer’s current wax blend.


By working so closely with the customer, Blended Waxes was able to produce exactly what they were looking for. Blended Waxes team’s dedication and commitment to the customer and the quality of the product resulted in a high value, low margin product that was tested and approved in a short period of time.


2 Replies to “Case Study: Paper Coating”

  1. Thomas L. Pagel says:

    Looking for pricing per pound on 2 – Paper Coating waxes for the food packaging industry.

    1. Need current pricing for your Paraffin Wax with 130 F to 140 F melt point or congealing.

    2. Need current pricing for your Bended – Polywax with F to 190 F melt point or congealing.

    All must be direct food contact approved.

    1. Jenn Schultz says:

      Thanks for reaching out! We would be happy to provide pricing to you. Someone will reach out directly to you to learn a bit more about your volume.

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