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We create high-quality wax products in small quantities for a wide range of artisan product applications. Select a wax type below to learn how you can use it for your craft.


Paraffin wax is used for many products, including candles and therapeutic waxes. It is white and comes in a variety of melt points. It can be used alone or as an additive to provide specific properties to a product.

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Paraffin can also be used for canning, paper coatings, therapeutic waxes, cosmetics, release coatings, additives, lubricants, adhesives and more.

lipstick with microcrystalline wax
paraffin wax


microcrystalline wax blocks

Microcrystalline can be used for laminations, adhesives, cosmetics, lubricants, novelty blends, apiary blends, pomades and more.

microcrystalline wax for canning

Microcrystalline wax is commonly used in cosmetics and candles, but it can also be used as a blending ingredient to increase flexibility, thickness and hardness in other products. It can vary in color from white to amber and ranges in texture from soft and tacky to hard and brittle.

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