We apply our considerable industry knowledge and experience to optimize wax emulsion technology for your needs.

Customized Wax Emulsions & Contract Services


  • On-site laboratory and small-scale testing to perfect your wax emulsion formula before production
  • Processes, equipment, and capacity to produce wax emulsions when you need them
  • Midwest shipping point for quick, cost-effective, reliable wax shipping

Liquid wax emulsions

  • Customer-specific water-based wax blends
  • Homogenized so particles are evenly dispersed
  • Made to order due to shelf life
  • Various applications such as spray or cascading
  • Most grades can be FDA approved

Here are a few of our wax emulsions, or we can create one with you:

ProductMinimum order quantityPackagingProduct Data Sheet

BW-1210 16,000 lbs. Tank truck, tote bin BW-1210 Specs
BW-547  16,000 lbs Tank truck, tote bin BW-547 Specs