Custom cheese waxes for the cheese making industry.

Cheese Waxes

  • Base cheese waxes formulation available in clear and recommended for the base coat
  • FDA approved cheese waxes for direct contact with food
  • Standard colors use FDA approved pigments
  • We can develop a custom color based on any Pantone color (Color is representative. Variations may occur due to wax weight.)
  • F-Series offers heavy duty strength
  • J-Series has lower melt, more flexibility over sharp edges, less tacky
Product Product Data Sheet Product FDA Status
BW-100F Series BW-100F Series Specs 21 CFR-172.88621CFR-178.3710
BW-100J Series BW-100J Series Specs 21 CFR-172.88621CFR-178.3710

F-Series J-Series Color
BW-100F BW-100J Clear
BW-102F BW-102J Brown
BW-104F BW-104J Yellow
BW-107F BW-107J Black
BW-109F BW-109J Cheddar
BW-117F BW-117J Orange
BW-123F BW-123J Green
BW-130F BW-130J Red
BW-141F BW-141J White
BW-150F BW-150J Navy “Bleu”

Process Related Cheese Waxes

    • Maintain product integrity
    • FDA approved for food packaging
Product Application Format FDA Status Product Data Sheet
BW-198 Barrel and box coating Pastilles, Slabs 21 CFR-172.88621CFR-178.3710 BW-198 Specs
BW-635 Plug cores 5-Gallon Pail 21 CFR-172.88621CFR-178.3710 BW-635 Specs

See how we help the Cheese Waxes industry

Pouring on Results.

More than three decades of proven service to the industry.

BWI has consistently met the unique color challenges for cheese coating labels. BWI was also asked to match the flexibility of a foreign-source cheese wax. Our response? We provided a domestically-produced quality coating that lessened lead times and reduced inventory investment.